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Landscape Treatment Services

Landscape Treatment in San Juan Islands, WA

Enjoy a healthy yard with landscape treatment plans from San Juan Pest Control Services in San Juan Islands, WA. Our high-quality synthetic blend is guaranteed to eliminate common lawn pests, including ants, billbugs, cutworms, harvester ants, and white grubs. Your grass is important to your property value and curb appeal, which is why it’s important to keep it green and healthy. Without lawn treatment, you may encounter brown spots, dying grass, wilting blades, and other visible signs of property damage. If you don’t take advantage of our professional insect control services and buy your own spray, you risk damaging your own property. We’ve been helping businesses and homeowners for over 40 years and have a high rate of success. Our thorough lawn spraying treatments will kill up to 99 percent of all pests in your yard without damaging your grass. No matter how big your lawn is, our team can handle it.

Lawn spraying being performed in San Juan Island, WA

 One Time or Routine—Your Choice!

While our lawn treatments are effective, our routine plans will consistently keep your yard healthy year round. As a flexible insect control company, we design a customized lawn treatment plan that fits with your schedule and lawn requirements. We recommend a routine plan because one-time lawn treatments don’t protect your lawn forever. As our customer, you can expect incredibly reasonable prices for routine lawn treatment services, individualized plans, and exceptional support from our team of insured technicians. 

  • Stop insects from taking over your yard. Lawn treatments will prevent your grass from becoming damaged by common yard pests.
  • Pay less when you choose our insect control company. We offer the best prices in San Juan County on both one-time and routine services.
  • Invest in routine insect control services and let your yard flourish. With year-round protection, pests will be afraid to come back.
  • Have peace of mind knowing that experienced technicians are handling your lawn pest control. With our gentle products and attention to detail, every square inch of your lawn will be safeguarded.

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