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Rodent Control Services

Safe & Humane Rodent Control Services

Stop mice, rats, and voles from invading your space with effective rodent control from San Juan Pest Control in San Juan islands, WA. Unlike cats and dogs, these pests are not creatures that should be welcomed into your home. Many homeowners believe that store-bought traps are enough to stop rodents from camping out on their property, but professional rat, voles, and mouse control services are the only way you can stop a full invasion. Rodents will not only damage your home or building’s structure, but they’ll also get into your food supply and even cause health problems, including pneumonia and UTIs. Rats carry around 60 communicable diseases which can be transmitted by a single bite, and many people are often bitten at night during their sleep. Protect yourself and your family with safe rodent control services. Our insured technicians only use humane practices to rid your home or business of these pests, and with over four decades of experience in rodent control, we can guarantee these pests will never come back.

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Why You Need a Professional Team

Don’t attempt DIY rodent control just to save money. Our company offers the most competitive rates for thorough and humane vole and rat pest control services. Not only is buying your own traps or chemicals to remove mice, rats, and voles ineffective, but it’s also unsafe. Store-bought traps or poison for mice and rats can potentially harm your children and other family members if misused. When you need vole or rat pest control services, it’s vital that you trust a team like us to take care of the problem swiftly, efficiently, and safely.

  • Protect your family with rodent control services. You don’t want pests contaminating your food and water supplies.
  • Enjoy affordable rates on our vole, mice, and rat pest control services. If you try DIY pest control, you’ll only end up spending more money. We’re professionals who will get the job done right.
  • Take advantage of customized vole and mouse control. Each plan is designed based on the level of need in your home or business.
  • Choose humane rodent control services. We believe that our safe methods are the best way to remove pests from your home while keeping your family safe.

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